Fiona, 20 years old, Austrian, Female, Bisexual.
Member of many fandoms, including but not limited to Phantom of the Opera, Rocky Horror, Les Miserables, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and OuaT.

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Sometimes I hate uni and want to go back to school, but then I remember: No more Maths and no more gym class. EVER.

I love uni.

Also, someone’s gonna have to prevent me from buying another ton of Fabriano paper. I still have a huge stack left that is untouched.

WHO NEEDS WIFI IN ITALY. Have an amazing time there!! <3
Thank you!
And yes, you’re right, but apparently it’s quite cold down there :(
BUT, this is the town where I first bought and read Phantom of the Opera :D

Just to let you know guys: I’m going to Italy for a week and my hotel doesn’t have wifi, so I’ll be offline from tomorrow until next week.


Some of last nights sketches because as far as I know myself I won’t finish them so… I just post them now.


Is it just me or does Andrew Lloyd Webber look like a Charles Dickens villain because



Trashy Musical Romance: Phantom of the Opera Masterpost

Since Les Mis had one, figured Phantom could too, even if it has fewer creations.

For more Trashy Musical Romance, check out the tag.

I will marry whoever writes me the phic that goes with the Ubaldo/Carlotta cover.