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It’s 7 am and I need to get ready to go to the first day of the con because I do NOT want a repeat of last year…2 hrs of queue…*shudder*

Anonymous asked
In the movie I'm fairly sure they straight up made carlotta and piangi lovers, as I recall carlotta crying 'mi amore' or something along those lines after he's killed? Although I don't know if we should be taking movie canon as actual canon lol

Probably not…XD

But they are very easy to ship.







Two girls, one piano. Warning: Awesome.

Oh wow these girls are brilliant.

These girls: 1
Tom Hanks: 0

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor | Johann Sebastian Bach.

I wonder how long it took to practice this shit


Girls went hardcore

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Anonymous asked
what is Carlotta's relationship with Piangi are they siblings or friends or dating or what?

They’re not siblings, but they are definitely close friends and some performers play them in a way that would indicate they are lovers.

I think they’ve probably known each other for a long time.

murderous-pyrophiliac666 asked
POTO 25th Headcanon/Fantasy: Erik and Christine stay together and When Erik doesn't understand exactly what he's composing he'll ask Christine to hum it to him just so he can hear here voice, then get all giddy and go back to organ playing :D

He totally would.

the-evil-sheep asked
Ja Erik ist jetzt nackt. Muhahaha :D